Parham started photography in 1996 with his father’s 35mm Soviet Union made film camera. He has photographed in over 25 countries across the world and has the chance to learn photography from talented photographers such as Babak Tafreshi of National Geographic.  As a former TV journalist, news anchor and stage model, he understands how it feels to be in front of the camera very well. These experiences helps him in communication with models. As a pianist who is familiar with playing Setar, Tanboor, Harmonica and Electric Guitar, he captures musicians from their musical perspective. He also has over eight years of experience in yoga, meditation and healing. That's why he is so passionate about Yoga photoshoots. 

Parham currently shoots for Britannia Mine Museum and freelance for other clients. He has published photos in journals and magazines in Canada and Belgium and has participated in group photo exhibitions in Iran and Belgium. To help the photographers community, together with his friend Saman, they are running "HistogramPodcast", a photography podcast with over 2000 members available on iTunes, Google play, Telegram and etc.

Parham currently spends most of his time doing research on a new generation of photosensors with atomically thin materials at Quantum Matter Institute of the University of British Columbia for his PhD. His research may some day result in extremely small yet unbelievably powerful cameras.




Vancouver, Canada


Per hour
 - 200$/hr
 - Includes post-processing
 - minimum 300$ (1.5 hours)
 + 50$/hr for studio photoshoots.

 - 1600$
 - Contact for arrangements and details

 - High quality cinematic editing included
 - Contact for arrangements and price details